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Attestation Solution

The Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research has implemented the Smart Document Attestation Solution - a first-of-its-kind authentication system that incorporates RFID Technology into the University Certificate Attestation procedure. A RFID label is placed on the university certificates at the time of issue by the participating Universities. The information stored in the label will be read at the MOHESR Attestation department.

Unite Arab Emirates

Validation Solution

It saves the time and effort required to validate the academic certificates in a smart way and with the highest levels of security, as the cultural attaché abroad, after verifying the authenticity of the academic certificate, adds an electronic chip when certifying each academic certificate, and it stores and encrypts data required to equalize the certificate by the Ministry of Education so that the ministry can read it immediately upon the arrival of the certificate.

Unite Arab Emirates

Medical Licensing

MOH issues the evaluation certificate and medical permits to medical practitioners like Doctors, Pharmacists, Technicians etc. by storing and encrypting the information on the chip. SMART chip will ensure the authenticity of evaluation certificates and permits.
The concerned party reads the stored data from the chip using a reader, a desktop or mobile devices like PDA to check validity of permits.

Unite Arab Emirates

Power of Attorney

The project, which was implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, one of the most important projects related to documenting documents electronically through the techniques of smart document provided by "Amricon", where Data is encrypted on writings of Justice of the Ministry of Justice in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, issued to private agencies. SMART chip ensures the validity of agency data, and validity of all related information, within seconds and with ease.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Tourism Licenses

Ministry of Information (Tourism Affairs) is responsible for administrative tasks related to the issuance of tourism licenses, follow-up with the licensing procedures comprising preliminary approvals, renewal, amendment, and cancellation. Smart Document Solution adds value to Ministry of Information (Tourism Affairs) responsibilities towards its customers such as:- 1) Simplifying procedures in accordance with the general system requirements and quality criteria as well as improving customer’s interest in accordance with the Ministry of Information (Tourism Affairs) general policies. 2) Optimizing the following-up process with the tourism licenses according to the tourism law and Tourism Affairs administrative orders. 3) Creating a proactive communication platform for liaising with other governmental authorities, when necessary.

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