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Vehicle Identification system

The SMART Document Vehicle Registration solution is a solution designed to standardize the format of vehicle identification and data collection between Police Forces. The solution also provides distinguished technology to protect and secure the integrity of registration documents. Based on RFID technology, SMART Document solution Vehicle Registration applies the MIFARE standard from Philips – A Technology Leader - to record important document data in a SMART label attached to the registration disc.

The Solution

The SMART Document Vehicle Registration Solution is designed to be integrated with the Police Force Vehicle Registration software systems. The Police Force will process their vehicle registration in the usual fashion. The only difference is that they will produce a Vehicle Registration SMART Label. This SMART label will be unique to that particular vehicle/person and will contain validation information.

The Vehicle Registration Disc will be placed on the inside of the vehicle windscreen. 

The Police officers will be provided with reading device/mobile phone/PDA which will contain the validation program. On presentation of the reading device to the vehicle registration disc all of the information relating to the vehicle is read.

Summary of Solution Benefits

  1. Integrity/Authenticity:

 The SMART Document Vehicle Registration solution utilizes the latest RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Technology) to offer the highest level of protection. 

  1. Standardized Automated Process:

Through the use of the SMART Document Vehicle Registration Solution, the aim is to have a single standardized process of validation for vehicle registration across all geographic areas.

  1. Scalability

The solution is designed to integrate directly with the current Vehicle Registration Software. As such, any enhancements to the system can also be added to the SMART Document Vehicle Registration Solution to gain maximum benefit.


Other benefits

  1. Offers greater accuracy – Data captured directly from Registration disc, no requirement to reenter data.
  2. Provides faster validation – Identification of stolen vehicles
  3. Solution flexibility – easily updated with new fields and services
  4. Open access and integration – works with existing systems supporting standard protocols
  5. Visual Recognition – The police officer can validate the details without the owner being present
  6. Public Perception – Utilizing the most advance technology to combat fraudulent vehicle registrations
  7. Mobile Technology – uses technology that is familiar to all thus minimizing training requirements
  8. Violation recording – facility to record violations electronically = process improvement
  9. SMART Communication – possibility of automated communication with HQ
  10. GPS – Future developments for tracking and locating vehicles
  11. Geographic – Cross border cooperation will provide faster validation/identification
  12. E Government – Helps to move towards automation of services