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SMART Attestation system

The SMART Document Attestation Solution utilize the benefits of SMART certificates in a unique solution that offers standardized process of attestation for certificates between Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research and  all accredited universities/colleges.

SMART Certificates are paper documents with a smart chip attached to the paper body. The SMART chip uses state of the art in RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Technology; which reduces security business risk by storing encrypted information easily and securely.

Universities usually have their own internal IT systems and procedures for issuing and printing certificates. To deploy the SMART Document solution within university IT systems with minimal changes in the current business processes. Amricon will provide.


SMART Document Attestation Solution

This enables registrar the ability to issue & verify SMART Certificate labels from an integrated desktop application using RFID Technology

 SMART Document Standalone Reader

Amricon will provide stand alone Desktop Application to help University to verify data which written / encoded inside SMART Labels after issuing.

 SMART Document Auto Filler Application

Amricon will provide Utilities to help university to fill automatically MOHESR Attestation application fields which written or encoded on SMART Label that attached with student certificate


How the system works?