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Password: - Amricon launches E-vehicle registration in ME

Published May 17, 2011

Smart solutions provider Amricon has launched a web-based information management system for transport authorities in the Middle East called E-vehicle registration.

"The E-Vehicle registration solution uses advanced RFID technology that allows transport authorities to store, verify and manage data about a vehicle securely and effectively. This helps to streamline processes, boost productivity and reduce costs," said Moosa Al-Amri, CEO of Amricon

Amricon's E-Vehicle registration solution is designed to use a smart chip situated on the windscreen to provide a hassle-free vehicle registration process for users.

The smart chip contains critical information about the vehicle that can be tracked, verified and updated using Amricon's reading device.

"Our technologies are used worldwide to optimise business processes and save costs for transport authorities. Efficient management of data plays a crucial role but it can be time consuming and expensive to collect. This solution is patented and registered in most countries of the world, including countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council," said Al-Amri.

The e-vehicle registration system gathers all information about the vehicle into the chip system under one platform, designed to increase managerial and operational control.