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Arab Health 2011

LogoUAE Ministry of Health (MOH) has a vision of providing better healthcare services for the people living in the UAE. A vision that requires close view and control over healthcare related practices especially in the private sector. Private Medical Licensing Department (PML) is one the main department s that responsible for achieving this vision in the healthcare private sector.

PML established a well-defined set of standards and quality criteria for the medical establishments those would like to provide healthcare services to public living in UAE.  PML has enforced a license process on the medical establishments to be legal and would like to keep record of the status and history of the entire medical establishments working in the UAE to allow better business vision, control over the private healthcare sector, and a solid data infrastructure to support its future business decision making.

For this reason PML would like to automate the current licensing business process into computerized system through Microsoft SharePoint to have unified online access to its licensing services and to have electronic Microsoft SQL-Server database with complete history for medical establishments.

Business Areas Involved
Medical Licensing Department
Medical licensing department consists of several medical licensing districts distributed across UAE states.

Medical District
In each state of UAE there is a Medical District Office. The medical district office is responsible for receiving medical establishments’ application to obtain MOH Medical License, They also responsible for visiting the location of the establishment to audit the facilities and ensure it’s confined with the MOH quality regulations.

Central Licensing Administration Office
Located in the main building of MOH in Dubai, the administration office receives medical establishment licensing applications from all UAE medical districts after auditing and fees collection, reviews the paper completeness, and forwards the application to the licensing committee.

Licensing Committee
Licensing committee is responsible for the final approval or rejection of the medical establishment licensing request.

Business Scope
PML would like to automate its business processes; the project scope for the PML system covers the following business processes.

Medical Establishment License:

  • New and renew of a license.
  • Renewal of a suspended license.
  • Waiving and cancelation of a license.
  • Medical Establishment:
  • Changing establishment name.
  • Changing establishment type.
  • Transfer establishment to a new location.
  • Medical Establishment Staff:
  • Licensing medical staff.
  • Renewal, Transferring and cancellation of a medical license.
  • Change medical title of a medical staff.


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