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Fraud Prevention Solutions

With increased technical supremacy comes a heightened sense of insecurity. Document fraud is growing into epidemic proportions loosing institutions valuable resources, time and money. As a matter of fact, identity theft, signature forgery, forgery of sensitive documents are seriously effecting government and private institutions alike.

Experts at Amricon have created SMART Document, SMART Cheque and SMART Boarding Pass solutions. These are innovative and highly effective fraud prevention solutions based on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. RFID is a well established high performance electronic identification technology similar to the already established chip cards.

Unlike chip card systems, RFID reading and writing procedures are carried out wirelessly via electromagnetic fields, without requiring any contact. Data is recorded on an electronic data carrier which can be read or processed with read/write devices. In the simplest (Read Only) applications, the unique serial number of the data carrier is read and referenced to data in an external database or server.