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Baby Tracking System


Lately several newborn baby stealing accidents have been recorded. The government in return is pushing the hospitals to find security tracking systems for newborn babies. The turn-key new born baby tracking solution will cover these

  1. Newborn baby protected area The solution will provide a mechanism to discover any attempt to physically move a newborn out of the newborn care nursery unit. The solution should provide a method to alert the hospital security team for any attempt to neutralize, deactivate or remove the newborn baby tracking method.
  2. Mother-Baby mix-ups elimination The solution will provide the hospital security team an automated method to relate a newborn baby to her original mother. The goal is to prevent the Mother – Baby mix-ups issues immediately within the newborn care nursery unit location. 
  3. Health-Safe solution The solution should not harm the babies in anyhow. The solution be human safe and provide an evidence for this claim.
  4. Hospital Infrastructure friendly The solution will take into its account the hospital environment and not interfere with any other hospital equipment. The solution should work and integrate smoothly with the hospital infrastructure especially wireless network.